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Skydiving Southern California

Options are virtually unlimited for jumpers interested in skydiving Southern California. The geographic diversity affords views of sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, vast expanses of rugged desert terrain, snow-covered mountain ranges, and glimpses of mysterious and exotic old Mexico.

One unique adventure offered only when skydiving Southern California is the scenic flight over the beautiful Pacific Ocean before each jump offered by one facility just 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, where each jump is filmed using state-of-the-art RVT video technology.

No visit to this part of the state would be complete without a celebrity sighting or two and you can get just that even while skydiving Southern California. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood movies and TV fame are known to literally jump in at one of the nation's oldest training schools located about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. The owners of the facility here have performed skydiving scenes in movies, too, and they hold a number of skydiving records that have yet to be broken.

Majestic mountain ranges and vast expanses of the remote and rugged Mojave Desert can be found near Edwards Air Force Base about 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles. This area has proven to be an ideal spot for filming movies and for testing the latest developments in skydiving technique and equipment.

South of San Diego, the skydiver can enjoy breathtaking views of the glistening Pacific as well as over-the-border views of historic old Mexico, where a day trip can be quite a spicy adventure in and of itself.

Since the weather seldom poses any threat, skydiving Southern California can be enjoyed every day of the year at most jump sites. Many facilities in the area offer accommodations ranging from camping areas and RV hook-ups to more luxe arrangements that include entertainment for all members of the family such as swimming pools and movies. Food, showers, and wireless internet services are some of the amenities commonly offered when skydiving Southern California.

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