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Skydiving San Diego

Skydiving San Diego, in southern California, presents the jumper with a multitude of jump sites to explore and a very diverse array of adventures on land or in the water once many happy landings have been enjoyed. The United States Parachuting Association (USPA) lists San Diego in its Western Region and lists a number of excellent jump sites to get started with.

One such site is only 20 miles south of town so skydiving San Diego is not only a thrillingly beautiful experience, it can land you closely and conveniently to the many world-class attractions that make San Diego a popular tourist destination. This location, Skydive San Diego, Inc., in Jamul, boasts of its late-model Super Twin Otter and Cessna Caravan, either of which can take as many as 23 jumpers at once as high as 13,000 feet. This outstanding facility is operated from a private airport dedicated to skydiving only, state-of-the art parachuting equipment, more than 8,000 square feet of packing area that is both shaded and padded, overnight accommodations, and all instructors are certified by the USPA.

The ultimate skydiving San Diego experience would just not be complete without a view of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean provided only by Pacific Coast Skydiving, located just 20 minutes south of downtown San Diego. Here, a Cessna 206 takes every jumper on a breathtaking flight over the ocean before each jump. Most jumps here are tandem and all include use of RVT video technology. Be sure to check out their “Wild Sunday” events scheduled at various times throughout the year. And don't forget to bring a costume.

Skydiving San Diego can also be enjoyed a short jaunt north of the city at the Jim Wallace Skydiving School, opened in 1970, in Perris. At this historic site, you'll find owners Gail Sims and Jim Wallace, who have both appeared skydiving in movies and they both hold skydiving world records. Tandem and accelerated free fall jumps are made from a Skyvan, DC-9 jet, and three Super Twin Otters.

As long as you're in the area skydiving San Diego, take the time to explore the world-famous San Diego Zoo and Sea World, walk to the many museums clustered around Balboa Park, or frolic in 70 miles of sand and surf along the beautiful Pacific Coast. For a south of the border adventure, you're just a short drive into Mexico with its exotic and seductive delights.

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