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The term – skydiving – is used for sports an air activity involving a freefall from height using a parachute. Skydiving is often used as synonymous with “parachuting,” but sometimes, less commonly, skydiving parachuting are used together. The skydiving parachuting also does mean a freefall from height using a parachute.

The history of skydiving parachuting was created in 1797 by Garnerin's act of descending from hot air balloon with the help of a parachute. Andre-Jacques Garnerin (1769 - 1823), born in Paris, was the inventor of the frameless parachute. He was the first man who used a parachute for descending from height.

Skydiving parachuting has been commonly used by the members military & air forces since the early 1900s. In the World War I and the World War II, skydiving parachuting was frequently used for descending soldiers from aircraft. Gradually, the popularity of skydiving parachuting began to surge among the non military personnel. The early competitions of skydiving parachuting date back to the 1930s, and skydiving parachuting became an international sport in 1951.

Nowadays, skydiving parachuting is often used by military personnel, forest firefighters, and skydiving parachuting sports buffs, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. Skydiving parachuting is an extremely popular recreational activity and a competitive sport. Skydiving parachuting is the sporting activity full of fun, adventure, recreation, and excitement. Skydiving parachuting has also grown as a popular hobby in the western world. Skydiving parachuting is highly popular among adventure loving young boys and girls. Skydiving parachuting is a popular spot recreation activity of the Western Countries.

Often aircraft or airplane is used in skydiving parachuting, but these have come up a number of types of skydiving parachuting, which include Accuracy landing (landing as close as possible to a target), BASE jumping (from buildings, antennas, bridges, and cliffs), Blade running, Big-ways (formation skydiving with many people), Canopy formation (making formations with other parachutists while under canopies), Canopy piloting (swooping), Formation skydiving (making formations during freefall), Freefall style, Freeflying, Freestyle skydiving, Military Parachuting, Treejumping, Skysurfing, Vertical Formation Skydiving, Wingsuit flying (skydiving with a suit which provides extra lift), etc. These variations of skydiving parachuting are designed for the expert skydivers, but the beginners in skydiving parachuting are trained thru Tandem skydiving, Static line parachuting, Instructor Assisted Deployment, and Accelerated Freefall.

The hobby of skydiving parachuting is growing highly popular. The skydiving parachuting hobbyists are often looking for new destinations for skydiving parachuting. There are numerous fine destinations for skydiving parachuting in the world. The information about the skydiving parachuting destinations can be explored online.

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