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New York Skydiving

From April to October, the sky's pretty much the limit for New York skydiving opportunities. Most facilities are open for extended weekends and many will cater to weekday skydivers with advance reservations. Amenities you might find at these sites include food, showers, camping and RV sites, and videography of your jump.

Niagara Falls has long been noted as a destination for lovers and if you love New York skydiving, you'll love what this region has to offer. New York's oldest sports parachuting club is located just 15 minutes away from the falls. In fact, from a jump starting 13,500 feet in the sky, the skydiver can revel in the picturesque views of the region's abundant fruit orchards and farms in full bloom in the spring, nearby Niagara Falls is clearly visible, and, looking across Lake Ontario, the skydiver can even see the CN Tower in Toronto.

A jump in the Rochester countryside gives the lover of New York skydiving a chance to enjoy the beaches of Lake Ontario, only 10 minutes away. The tranquil rural setting of the jump site here brings the luxury of quiet, serene skydiving since there just isn't a lot of air traffic in the vicinity.

New York skydiving is a joy near the Finger Lakes and Syracuse area where the skydiver will find many other outdoors activities offered in a number of state parks dotted throughout the area. And don't miss out on a delicious tour of the wineries in the area, too.

A parachute club near Malone brings the New York skydiving adventurer within sight of the shores of beautiful Lake Champlain. From here it's just a quick drive to explore cities such as Burlington in Vermont and Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa in Canada.

In the area surrounding the state capital, New York skydiving enjoys many opportunities for the thrill-seeking skydiver. The Mohawk River valley is famous for legendary sunsets that can be viewed from the air and is home to an 1800 square foot US flag that is often used, along with other special effects, for exhibition jumping booked for special events large and small. Saratoga offers a visit to paradise for jumpers who are also golfers – the drop zone here is surrounded by one of the state's premiere golf courses.

No trip to the state would be complete without a trip to the Big Apple, where New York skydiving can be enjoyed on Long Island, where dramatic and views of the city and its many historic landmarks are enhanced by views of Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

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