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Los Angeles Skydiving

There's just about as much glitz and glamour to be found in Los Angeles skydiving circles as you will find in the glitzy, glamorous entertainment industries for which the area is famous – and infamous! The landscapes below are varied and unique in so many ways but always as breathtaking as the jump. Another breathtaking possibility is the off chance you'll brush shoulders with a Hollywood celebrity or two out for some fun or filming in the wild, blue yonder.

Los Angeles skydiving opportunities can be found north, east, and south of the metropolitan area. If it weren't for the gorgeous Pacific Ocean sparkling in the ever-present California sunshine, there'd probably be a jump site west of town, too.

The northern reaches of Los Angeles skydiving can be enjoyed at a facility called Skydive Taft where winners of championships in skydiving and sky videography competitions people the friendly and experienced staff. In addition to doing film work for movies and TV, some of the staff has actually been featured themselves on TV shows such as Hard Copy and Real TV.

Back east of town, Los Angeles skydiving becomes rugged and serious. If the thought of a drive into a major desert unsettles you, consider this – when the Santa Ana winds are wreaking havoc in the city, the air in the desert is calm and just about perfect for skydiving. About an hour and a half's drive away, Cal City Skydive and Skydive California City are both situated in the remote Mojave Desert near Edwards Air Force Base.

Both these California City facilities have enjoyed the experience of on-site filming for movies, TV shows, and commercials and they have long been frequented by US Air Force, Navy, and Marine paratroopers as well. These military jumpers find the area ideal as testing grounds for new equipment and maneuvers. NASA also values the area as a world-class testing ground.

Southeast of town, the Los Angeles skydiving views from the air include the beautiful San Bernandino and Ortega Mountains. Skydive Elsinore, founded in 1959, boasts of an 8,000-square-foot covered and carpeted packing area and almost two acres of grass-covered landing zone softer and more lush than even a golf course.

At the Jim Wallace Skydiving School south of the city, you'll find skydiving stunt actors and world-record holders on staff. This facility also features a vertical wind tunnel for indoor skydive training and recreation.

It's true. The skies above the city are filled with as many stars as you'd ever want to find on the ground.

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