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Indiana Skydiving

The Hoosier State enjoys a very active and enthusiastic Indiana skydiving population. In fact, skydiving is so popular in Indiana that there are six different areas throughout the state where top-grade skydiving centers can be found. Each of these drop zones features a different assortment of services and amenities and they all welcome those of us who just want to watch a while before we decide to take that first jump.

Indiana skydiving can be enjoyed at several locations in the Indianapolis area. Twenty miles south of the city is Jerry's Skydiving Circus where two Cessna 182s are used to transport jumpers in tandem and static-line (S/L) jumping. Videography service is available here, too.

Air Indiana Skydiving Center, LLC, about an hour north of Indianapolis, offers accelerated free fall (AFF), instructor-assisted deployment (IAD), and tandem jumps from a Cessna 182. Videography services and camping facilities are available.

East of Indianapolis, Skydive Greensburg is rated the number one facility in the Midwest, a favorite spot for Indiana skydiving but skydivers from Kentucky and Ohio enjoy it, too. The drop zone features a grassy landing area covering 250 acres and fun for the whole family is available at an outdoor recreation center offering overnight accommodations located next door.

Near South Bend, the Indiana Skydiving Academy, LLC, offers free coaching and mentoring to new skydivers who have the option of training for AFF, IAD, S/L, and tandem jumps from a Cessna 182.

Skydive Fort Wayne, Inc., brings Indiana skydiving to the northeastern corner of the state. Here, two Cessna 182s transport skydivers for AFF, S/L, and tandem jumps with videographers at the ready to record the fun. Overnight camping in tents and RVs is allowed and shower facilities are available.

Skydive Wayne County is a top-choice destination for Ohio and Indiana skydiving enthusiasts alike. Conveniently located in Richmond, near the Ohio border, this fully equipped drop zone is only 50 miles away from Cincinnati.

Most Indiana skydiving facilities are open for jumping from springtime until the end of autumn with special arrangements made at other times which makes it quite easy to drop in for a thrilling skydiving experience just about anywhere, any time, at the crossroads of America.

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