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Florida Skydiving

There's magic in the air over Florida. And for Florida skydiving adventures, that magic covers an area much more far and wide than the famous kingdom ruled by anybody's mouse.

The Orlando area is known throughout the world for its magic and skydivers can find it in towns with such enchanting names as Zephyrhills, Sebastian, DeLand, and Lake Wales, where landing zones cover a sweeping 250 acres.

About a hundred miles north of Cape Canaveral, where the NASA astronauts blast off into outer space, and almost within jumping distance of speed racing Daytona Beach, you'll find the town of Palatka, where Florida skydiving is celebrated each fall with a local event called the Hog Flop Boogie. Who could resist exploring event with such an intriguing name?

Just outside the capitol city of Tallahassee, Florida skydiving reaches heights of up to 13, 500 feet in the town of Quincy. West of here, along the Florida panhandle, skydivers can enjoy the vast expanses of sparkling white sand and crystal clear waters that make the beaches here some of the prettiest in the world.

Further south, near the town of Clewiston, Florida skydiving takes you to Lake Okeechobee, big enough to seem like an inland sea, and the mysterious and seductive Florida Everglade National Park. For a more upscale adventure on solid ground, Palm Beach is not far away on the Atlantic coast. Shopping on Palm Beach's Worth Avenue has been described as a more elegant, refined experience than that other coast's famous but decadent Rodeo Drive, to which it is often compared.

Southern Florida skydiving can be enjoyed in Homestead, near Miami, where the mystic of Miami Beach and the ultra-trendy, celebrity-packed South Beach beckon the party-loving jumper with nightlife, music, and dancing till dawn.

The state of Florida got its name from the flowers that grow in wild abandon throughout the state. This lush tropical garden is probably best experienced in the Florida Keys where the skydiver can enjoy jumping over paradise from a jump site located in the playfully named town of Sugar Loaf.

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