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California Skydiving

With the cultural and geographic diversity offered throughout this vast majestic state, California skydiving provides enough chills, thrills, and excitement to be every jumper's joy. And the possibilities are almost endless for entertainment and adventure away from the drop zone, too.

With a climate often described as the best in the world, California skydiving can be enjoyed at several outstanding locations every day of the year near beautiful San Diego where the skydiver can marvel at views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and two countries at once – the US and Mexico.

Locations further up the coast offer the chance to jump at the first skydiving school in the United States and to train in a wind tunnel, which adds a new dimension to the three standard types of jumps - accelerated freefall, instructor-assisted deployment, and static line jumping - offered at most of the California skydiving drop zones.

Traveling inland from here the adventurous skydiver can head to the Mojave Desert near Edwards Air Force Base to experience California skydiving from an entirely different perspective. Skydivers who are also campers and RVers will appreciate the free accommodations available here and can explore the striking scenery that lured Hollywood movie moguls to film so many movies here.

Back to the coast in the Santa Barbara area, you'll find a drop zone just 2 miles from Pacific beaches that is also nestled amid some of the most elegant and infamous residences of our time.

Almost due north from here, the skydiver will encounter breath-taking views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the lush San Joaquin Valley immortalized in American literature by John Steinbeck at the jump zones around Fresno.

True daredevils revel at the chance jump at an altitude of more than 18,000 feet – the highest in the world – in the Monterey Bay area. And who would turn down the opportunity to see the enchanting San Francisco bay area from the air?

California skydiving would not be complete without a jump over world-famous Napa Valley in the northern California region around Sacramento. And, oh, what a delicious experience you'll have as you taste your way through the surrounding countryside once you've achieved a smooth, happy landing at any of the drop zones in sight of those spectacular vineyards.

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