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Atlanta Skydiving

There isn’t any other sports activity as adventurous and as exciting as skydiving. Skydiving, also known as parachuting, is the activity packed with lots of action, adventure, and fun. It is the activity that offers lots of fun, adventure, and excitement thru freefall from plane, floating in and, and landing to the ground safely.

Skydiving has grown very popular adventurous and thrilling sports activity all over the globe, particularly in the western part of the world. It is extremely popular activity in the United States. If you are really looking for some great skydiving experience in the United States, you should consider atlanta skydiving. The skydiving in atlanta is often termed as atlanta skydiving.

Georgia's A-Town is your destination for atlanta skydiving. Out of total three skydiving locations in Georgia, two are located in Atlanta. Skydive Atlanta, and Skydive The Farm are the two atlanta skydiving centers.

Located 2333 Delray Road Thomaston, Skydive Atlanta is atlanta skydiving center and school. Skydive Atlanta skydiving center offers services for atlanta skydiving, tandem skydiving, and atlanta skydiving training. Skydive Atlanta skydiving center offers atlanta skydiving services from Thomaston/Upson County Airport. Skydive atlanta skydiving center is situated 50 miles south of Atlanta. Skydive atlanta skydiving center also offers atlanta skydiving gift certificates.

Skydive The Farm is the other of the two atlanta skydiving centers. Located 45 miles northwest of Atlanta, Skydive The Farm offers a number atlanta skydiving facilities, which including 55 acre private farm, HUGE Landing Area, 2 Natural Swoop Ponds, 60 X 80 Carpeted Packing Hangar, Bunkhouse, showers, laundry facilities, team room, gear store, wireless internet, cafe' and home of Chuting Star Rigging Loft, and Aircraft: Grand Caravan, Caravan and Porter. Skydive The Farm atlanta skydiving center offers the services of its professional and well trained skydivers.

Skydive St. Marys is the third of Georgia skydiving centers. Located 30 miles north of Jacksonville, Skydive St. Marys operates from St. Marys Municipal Airport. There are numerous sites offering lots of stuff on atlanta skydiving.

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